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Bred By Kathy Hinderliter / Kandee Chihuahuas

1. CH.Hinderliter's Amy Lee

2. CH.Kandee's Whatchamacallit-L

3. CH.Kandee's Krackerjack-S

4. CH.Kandee's Devilicious-S

5. CH.Kandee's Spun Sugar-L

6. CH.Kandee's Fancy That Wiz-L

7. CH.Kandee's Eye Bear Essence Wiz

8. CH.Kandee's Dandizette-S

9. CH.Kandee's Chiclet Of Starchase

10. CH.Kandee's When I Dream-L

11. CH.Kandee's Justaknockout-S

12. CH.Kandee's Barbea Doll-Grilli

13. CH.Kandee's Punk Rocker Stp-L

14. CH.Kandee's Show 'N' Tell-S

15. CH.Kandee's Kay-C-Dawn-L

16. CH. Kandee's Piece Of The Rock-L
17. CH. Kandee's Chase'N'Rainbows-L

18. CH. Kandee's Snap-Krackle-Pop-L

19. CH. Kandee's Top Hat'N'Tails Stp-L

20. CH. Osito's Coming Attraction

21. CH. Kandee's Osito King Of Swing

22. CH. Kandee's Spot On Birchwood

23. CH. Kandee's Dare Me Darla-L

24. CH. Kandee's My-T Atta-Tude-S

25. CH.Kandee's Summer Rain-L

26. CH. Kandee's Summer Sparkle-L

27. CH. Kandee's Blue Byu-L

28. CH. Kandee's Diamond Rio-L RC

29. CH. Hermosa's Like Chocolate-L #1 Long Chihuahua in the Nation 1997

30. CH. Kandee-N-Birchwood's Gambler

31. CH. Kandee's Simply Simon-L

32. CH. Kandee's Fancy-L

33. CH. Kandee-N-Paragon's ShotGun-L

34. CH. Kandee's Remember The Rain-L

35. CH. Kandee's Forrest Gump-L

36. CH. Kandee's Juan Manuel Janmar-L

37. CH. Kandee's I'm On My Way-L

38. CH. Kandee's Magic Carpet Ride-L

39. CH. Birchwoods Lil Hot Wings-L

40. CH. Kandee's Storm Cloud-L

41. CH. Kandee's Winditup Bandana-L

42. CH. Kandee's Keep'n In Stride-L

43. CH. Kandee's Cherokee-L Bandana

44. CH. Kandee-Bandana Touch Of Rain

45. CH. Kandee's Frosted Ice-L

46. CH. Kandee's His Rain On Lee-Ty's-L

47. CH. Kandee's Trick Shooter LiMar

48. CH. Kandee's Simply Pawfect-L

49. CH.Kandee's Fancy Rainbeau-L

50. CH.Kandee's Truly Truly-L

51. CH.Kandee's Summer Memory-L

52. CH.Kandee's Poetic Justice-L

Owned By Kathy Hinderliter

CH. Stober's Roberto Luis Delgado

CH. Jes Hinderliter's Of Ginjims

CH. Hinderliter's Tesa Of RA

CH. Robbins Nest Hinderliter MNM

CH. Bayard Show Biz Wiz Kandee

CH. Bayard Stand Up And Cheer R

CH. Liverman Staples Sandy Reggi

CH. Argones Fortune Cookie V Kand

CH. Fletcher's Dixie D'Lite Kandee

CH. Heartland Heaven Sent Kandee

CH. Fletcher's Touch Of Cotton-L

CH. Heartland's Talk'N Kandee-L

CH. Fletcher's Storm Warning-L

CH. Grilli's Wicket Of Kandee-L

CH. Bliss Hoosier JanMar Jake

CH. KeeWee's Capitan's Kid-L

Handled By Kathy Hinderliter

Ch. Kandee's Try Buster Shabrae-L

CH. Fletcher's Wiz Sugar Kandee-L

CH. Fletcher's Cotton W'th Pizzaz

CH. Hibbard's Such A Delight

Breeder:D. Hibbard
Owner:D. Hibbard
Handler:Kathy Hinderliter

CH. O Pag's Amanda Of Joyland

Breeder:P. Griffin
Owner:Joyce Henning
Handler:Kathy Hinderliter


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