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All fields must be filled in on the submission page...with the exception of
Color and Variety if you do not know these.  Failure to fill in ALL fields
may cause your pedigree submission to be voided.

The Stud Book # is found on your AKC papers
right after your dogs Sire or Dam's AKC number.
PLEASE include this number when filling out the form.
Example TM000000/01 12-03.

You may submit as many pedigrees as you like,
even if the kennel name is not listed.
The person submitting the pedigree must fill in their name with

a working email address.
I will do my best to check the accuracy of all pedigrees submitted.


A dog with two kennel names
will only be listed under the first one in the name.


If you would like to add a photo of your dog to
your pedigree, please email your photo to me.

Photos need to be no larger then 300 X 300 pixels
and in .jpg format.

The photos you send must be of your OWN dog
and your email needs to grant permission for the
photo to be displayed on the Chihuahua Pedigree site.


This site was created to benefit the Chihuahua Fancier.
I am not being paid to do this and would appreciate all the
pedigrees you can supply.

The pedigrees that are listed, have been researched from AKC
Awards Catalogs, Chihuahua Handbooks and AKC Stud Books.

I do my best to insure that the pedigrees are true and correct to
the best of my knowledge; however, I have been known to make errors.


If your dog is registered outside the USA, please add your registration
numbers to the form at the bottom where it says AKC or on the form itself in the color field.


If you have any questions please
E-Mail:Kathy at  
Chihuahua Pedigrees

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.Thanks...


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